The bed that rocked my organizational world....

I would never categorize myself as an organizational guru, but I am always trying to improve… There's the drawer in my my kitchen that collects everything from batteries to measuring cups to takeout menus of restaurants long since closed. Then there's the shoes crammed to the back corner of my closet, because, well "you never know". I'm not the only one…right? 

One thing that has always been an issue is finding extra storage in my apartment. If you have a ton of storage in your place, then hold it tight and never let it go. As an adult I never had the luxury of living in a space larger than 1100 sq feet and once you add a bed, a couch, a husband, a dog and a roommate you are left with tiny closets full of precariously balanced stuff. This is when I go into space survival mode -- under the bed. You can always hide, or in my case shove, things under the bed. There were many times I was certain that the monster under my bed was a collection of old socks and an assortment of crap I collected from college that I could never throw out... or maybe it was Mr. Marbles plotting to kill me in my sleep. I had so much stuff and had nowhere to put it. The catch was that once it went under I was probably never going to see it until the annual "I'm getting my life in order" purge.

This all changed when we recently moved and decided it was time to buy an adult bed, upgrading from a frame that may or may not have been my husband’s childhood bed (don’t judge me, beds are expensive).

I began my search and my number one requirement was extra storage. I looked at beds with storage, but they all looked like they were made out of cheap particleboard -  an era I'm ready to move on from. Then, I finally came across the Brayden Studio Morphis Upholstered Storage Panel Bed . A bed with a hydraulic lift (?!?) that raises the mattress and slatted base to allow easy access to the storage under the bed. This was just what I needed! 

When it arrived it only took about an hour to husband Tim did that... I can't lie. Its sturdy and opening and closing it is a breeze. This bed allows me to store things in a more neat and organized way vs. gently packing them under my bed with my feet. The look of it is great too, it has a grey upholstered head and foot board that gives it a clean modern look. If you are looking for a new storage solution this bed has solved "some" of my problems and it could help you too.