Product of the Week

When we moved into our new apartment the one thing I knew had to replace was our trash can. The one we had at our old apartment had been around the block and it was gross. I planned on buying a new one, but to my surprise I was gifted one from friends and I am in love with it...yes, I'm in love with my garbage can.

The simplehuman Sensor Can has a sensor that opens with just the wave of your raw chicken juice coated hands. Now you are saying, "I've seen this before". The reason this one is better than the competition is because the sensor is above and in front of the can which makes opening a breeze. A hand, an empty chip bag, a banana peel -  just about anything will trigger the can to open and close quietly. Now, there is a warning here. Mark has this can as well - yes, this is Avida approved also - so when you have 3 little ones running around, you'll want to stock up on batteries. The design allows for the trash bags to cleanly fit in and not slip to the bottom creating a mess and the nano silver coating protects from finger prints and germs. 

Check it out here: