Living on demand...

City Living is something to be mastered and in most cases, it’s a skill that requires trial and lots of error. We have compiled our current Top 5 go-to apps and while these may not make you the Mr. Miyagi of city living, a few short cuts here and there could qualify you for the Cobra Kais.   

You will notice a trend in these apps but we can all agree that if there is an app that can get us what we want faster and easier, we will use it.  

1. Drizly- This first one is a no brainer, but maybe you haven’t heard about this amazing on-demand alcohol delivery app. Drizly will get you the libations needed after your friends start treating your casual get together like Frank the Tank auditions…and don’t get me started about the convenience with a pending snow storm on the way. Drizly is now serving in over 20 cities including Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  Try it, you know you want to…  (Available for iOS & Andriod)


2. Instacart- The hands down number one thing that is difficult to do in the city is a major grocery store run. There are so many obstacles… maybe you live in a fourth-floor walkup, don’t own a car, don’t want to lose that parking spot or you are just too busy. Instacart comes in like the Dalton of groceries, kicking ass and taking names. They promise delivery within an hour and to date even their selection of produce has been spot on.  (Available for iOS & Android) 

3. Grub Hub/Foodler/Seamless- When you don’t feel like cooking and you want to just stay home and veg there are 3 take out delivery apps that can help with those "I just want to stay in and watch Mean Girls nights..." Grub Hub, Foodler & Seamless will get you access to all your local favorites in just a couple of clicks. You know what your like and you’ve found your favorite go to spots, so let these apps bring them to your front door. My personal favorite is Foodler.. They know me... they get me... (Available for iOS & Andriod)

4. Lyft- Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…or cars at least. It’s become such a common part of my life, I can’t remember life before I could call a car to my home/work/bar across town in a matter of minutes… what was I doing? Sometimes it’s not in the cards to take public transit… either you’re dressed for a night out, you don’t have time to get to the nearest station or the meltdown your drunken best friend is having won’t work so well on the T (subway).  Just a reminded be a good traveler, you’re getting rated too. (Available for iOS & Android)


5. Venmo- As Anne Perkins knows, splitting that dinner bill is a pain - especially for the water drinker. I’m not sure if it’s the convenience of not dealing with the “let’s split this between the 12 of us” or the funny way my friends charge each other for things that makes this app a city dwellers dream. When you see one friend charge another for "your soul" you will understand.  Venmo makes it easy to connect to your bank account or credit card and send money to your friends and, in turn, request money from them. Uses are endless, but include the aforementioned splitting of bills, paying roommates for rent or even for those concert tickets to Lady Gaga next weekend. (Available for iOS & Andriod)

*Honorable Mentions- Audible & Kindle because commuting can be long and who wants to carry anything more than their laptop when they are in a jam-packed train or bus.