Going Up

Avida and I bought our condo in 2006, four years before kids or in our terms, 4BK. It was in a great up-and-coming location that was close to work, the ocean and friends. We knew we wanted a family, and I guess we assumed we’d follow the path of so many of our friends and move to a house in the suburbs soon after the first child was born. 

But something happened along the way…we realized we didn’t want to leave the city or we’d at least postpone it until the boys were ready for first grade… then about 10 months after Nugget #1 and #2 came along we received news that Nugget #3 was on the way. Well, time to pack up and move out, right? Nope, we weren’t quite ready to leave yet. And, hey, it’s a boy they can share a room for a while until we’re ready to move. There are a lot worse things than sharing a room with your brothers. Well, maybe we could find a new place in Southie – a bigger place, 4 beds, parking and a small yard…

The thing about getting in to a neighborhood in the early stages of new construction and staying while it explodes is that you reach the tipping point where things are going so well in real estate everyone wants to live there. You love your neighborhood, but now can’t afford to move into a new place in your own neighborhood…and renting would double our monthly payment. Yes, it has been that crazy.

When Beckett came along we were able to fit all three cribs/beds in one room, but knew the combination of toys, clothes and growing boys would result in space constraints soon. There was no way to knock out a wall to make the room bigger, we could potentially add a third bedroom but it would take up 1/3 of the open space in the living/dining room where we spend 80% of our waking hours. There was only one way to go … UP. Truth be told, I did little more than agree with the assessment for bunkbeds, Avida did all the legwork. She found a great brand and product. 

What’s cool is that you can customize the build to fit your needs. We opted to create a “loft” style design that accomplished several things:

  1.  Fit three beds in a space that was smaller than the area taken up by 2 of their previous beds
  2. Add a trundle bed for one of their friends to stay over – currently called Charley’s bed
  3. Create a library area complete with bean bags
  4. Add more storage via the stair case
  5. Have a bed big enough for Mom to curl up in when our bed gets taken over

The boys really like them and apart from a few slips down to ladder and stairs, they’ve been relatively unscathed (note for consideration: socks are to toddlers as a banana peel is to bad physical comedy). They’re well-built and sturdy enough to handle the wrestling matches and mini-football games that occur on them. 

We think we can ride this wave for a few years and I will march forward with my head in the sand as it pertains to running out of space…I’m thinking levels, Jerry, levels.

Here is our setup:

Check out product here: